Welcome to Yokohama Tire Philippines, Inc.

As the largest company in the area, Yokohama Tire Philippines, Incorporated (YTPI) began business operation in Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ).

At present, some of the prominent companies throughout the world are setting up facilities in this huge area and it is also drawing worldwide attention as a potential locomotive for economic development in the Philippines.

YTPI is carrying on the Yokohama brand tradition of craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology and quality. Making full use of the splendid operating environment combined with highly advanced technology, YTPI guarantees not only high reliability and performance but also the highest quality in the tires it manufactures, tires that personify our slogan “Tires You Can Trust” in the Philippines.

Yokohama Tire Philippines, Incorporated (YTPI) has always been guided by the principle that “Quality is Everything.” For 80 years since its establishment, our parent company Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.(YRC) has constantly kept this fact in mind during every step of the product development and production processes. In fact, we have produced high quality tires carrying the “Yokohama Brand” which are of the highest standard in the world. Now, manufacturing such “reliable tires” has just started in the Philippines. Yokohama is committed to its well-known quality and safety policy.

Yokohama Tire Philippines, Inc.
IE5 Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga 2023