BluEarth AE-01

Realizes top fuel-efficient performance by improving vehicle fuel savings, making BluEarth environmentally-friendly.

Reducing uneven wear
Reduces typical uneven wear on both the inside and outside the tire on supermini and small family cars due to unique design. The tire also employs a wear-resistant compound.

Reassuring Fuel-efficient grip on wet surface
Features strong grip even on wet surfaces due to the use of Orange Oil, which makes it more difficult for the rubber to harden even at low temperatures.

More comfortable driving
Disperses the frequency of the pattern noise and controls noise in the harsh sound range when driving.



Superb Wet Performance
A new special compound developed for C.drive2 and a unique tread pattern for better drainage improve wet performance, especially wet handling performance and hydroplaning resistance, and enable excellent stability even during high-speed driving on wet roads.

Good Mileage
High molecular weight polymer, with its long molecular complex and high strength, reduces edge portions of polymers that generate excessive heat, thereby reducing rolling resistance. Also, reduction in tire groove area maximises the outer ground contact area, allowing for even ground contact, high wear resistance and long life.

Low Rolling Resistance
In consideration of YOKOHAMA’s environment-conscious corporate philosophy, we decreased rolling resistance by reducing polymer edge parts that create excessive heat.



Active Handling Control
Large-sized shoulder blocks mean cornering control is light and responsive, while the highly effective center rib is great for 'on-center' feel and outstanding safety.

Better Safety in the Wet
Four straight grooves and multiple large blocks, plus a tread pattern based on a center rib offer high rigidity and the security of maximum performance in the wet. For the driver, this means the co-existence of highly responsive cornering and the safety borne of uncompromising technology.

Sidewall that'll Make Heads
New side design, which shows strength and speed. Different pitch of the serration inside the “arrow head motives” creates beautiful shade.


Multi Dimensional Tread Design
The design for the tread pattern of the is a result of Yokohama's advanced simulation technology. The innovative 'Variable Angled 
Groove' that opotimizes tread contact with the road provides dramatically enhanced traction while cornering. Yokohama's 'Groove-in-Groove' design has resulted in a major advance in the battle to eliminate uneven tread wear.

Advance Micro Flexible Compound
The new Micro Flexible Compound deforms according to road undulation and maximizes the contact area between tyre and road surface. 






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