Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Geolandar SUV Features 

Fuel efficient profile that minimizes uneven wear
The profile employed suppresses tyre distortion to provide even road contact area and reduce energy loss when driving. This helps minimize uneven wear.

High-rigidity profile enabling exceptional handling performance
We have enhanced the strength of the sidewall rubber for tall SUV tyres and reinforced the shoulder part of the tread,which has increased the stability of the road contact area of the  tyre. The high rigidity enables superior handling and peace-of-mind at high speed.

Orange Oil compound that provides reassuring grip in the wet
The use of a tread pattern with exceptional water drainage capability and Orange Oil compound, which makes it more difficult for the rubber to harden even at low temperatures, enables safe and secure driving on rainy days.


Geolandar H/T-S Features

Twin Wide Straight Grooves and Cross Grooves
All-weather capabilities are enhanced by an optimal combination of twin wide straight and cross grooves that improve water evacuation and so increase traction on wet and slippery roads.

Large Shoulder Blocks

Large shoulder blocks provide strength and stiffness for outstanding handling and braking during on-road driving.

Geometrically Optimized Blocks

The size and the shape of the blocks have been optimized to reduce noise and uneven wear.
Even after thousands of miles, the blocks are still working hard to help the tire deliver outstanding on-board comfort.

Geolandar A/T-S Features

All Multi-step Block

Multi-step block improve stiffness of each block for outstanding on-road performance such as braking or handling, and enhanced self-cleaning capabilities for off-road traction.

3-Dimensional Sipes
Pyramid shaped 3-D sipes maintain block rigidity for on-road performance and anti-uneven wear.

5-Pitch Block Variation

Random Five pitch variation disperses wavelength of pattern noise, and also optimizes contact pressure of each block for reducing uneven wear.

Geolandar M/T+

Progressive Power Shoulder
Designed for high performance and maximum visual impact, the shoulder wall is buttressed with massive protectors that deliver enhanced durability to cuts and chipping while helping to disperse accumulations of mud and dirt.

Dual Protect Bars
Dual protect bars have been added to enhance cut and puncture resistance. The tire is thus extra well-equipped to deflect lateral impacts when conditions are extreme.

Twin Cut Grooves
Mud and dirt dispersion is not an issue, thanks to the extra grooves added to the blocks near the shoulder of the M/T+. Strengthening grip and stability, the twin cut groove design also enhances traction for better overall control.